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Ski Resort Airport Transfers

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    Ski Transfer Finder provides an independent online service, which enables users of Ski Transfer Finder website to research and compare transfer services provided by Transfer Operators, to arrange and schedule transportation.

    Ski Transfer Finder webside provides the technology platform for quoting, booking and invoicing systems through which passengers may order transport services from registered Transfer Operators. Ski Transfer Finder is providing a request for quotation service between ski transfer seekers and ski transfer providers.

    The following terms apply in relation to contracts arranged by Ski Transfer Finder, as agent for the Transfer Operator, for transfers between the departure points and destinations specified in the written confirmation issued by Ski Transfer Finder.

    These booking conditions, in conjunction with the information set out on our website, and transfer voucher form the basis of a contract between Customer and Transfer Operator and cover all bookings made through Ski Transfer Finder.

    By booking a transfer with us, customers confirms that they had read fully the transfer description on the booking process.

    By accepting these Booking Conditions, customers are accepting the terms specific to the transfer service, which are detailed in the description of the transfer service, shown at the quote stage of the booking process.

    We may make changes of these Terms and Conditions from time to time. You should check this page regularly to see our most up to date policy.

    We will tell you about any changes to this policy by showing the date of the changes in the 'Last updated' section below.
    Last updated: November 2015

    Placing a booking

    Ski Transfer Finder is not a licensed transfer operator. Ski Transfer Finder provides a system for customers to be able to receive quotes for submitted transfer requests from the registered transfer operators.

    Ski Transfer Finder has no input or control over the prices quoted by registered Transfer Operators.

    Once the booking request has been submitted to our website, customers will receive a list of automatically gererated quotes for designated transfer route from Transfer Operator(s).

    We do not guarantee that the Operator(s) will accept any booking requests.

    Transfer Operators, registered with Ski Transfer Finder website, might bid for work and provide manual quotes based on the information you provide.

    You will be able to accept quotes and make bookings and payments through the Ski Transfer Finder website.

    If a booking request is accepted by a Operator, You will receive a confirmation via e-mail, at Your registered e-mail address. The confirmation will contain all the details of the Transfer Operator.

    Status of the Customer

    To purchase a transfer through our site you must be 18 years of age or over and be legally capable of entering into a binding contract.

    Payment. Fees and charges

    Payment is required for the transfer at the time of booking.

    Until your transfer request is not submitted to the booking system, the quoted price, that is displayed, is always the maximum price, that had been agreed with Transfer Operators. You should not be charged more than this amount, except if you were incurred by an additional charges, related to additional services.

    Ski Transfer Finder provides the Customer the possibility of paying for the transfer service in cash or by credit/debit card. The payment methods available are clearly displayed in the web page before You submit the Request. We accept Visa, MasterCard credit cards. No fee is due for credit card payments by Visa and MasterCard. We do not collect and store card details.

    Ski Transfer Finder offers payments through PayPal. PayPal is not only convenient to use, but it also offers customers protection assistance against fraud, chargebacks and theft of financial data.

    It is possible for part payment to be made if you choose the option to pay in cash. In that case relevant deposit amount of 10% will be charged from you bank card at the time of booking. Remaining part of the requested amount must be paid directly to the driver.

    When you make your booking you guarantee that you have the authority to accept the terms of these booking conditions on behalf of your party. As soon as the booking has been made, credit card authorization for the deposit, or full payment will be cleared.

    We will produce written confirmation of the details regarding the booking by email, following the initial payment. This payment confirmation email comes with transfer voucher. This must printed out and be presented to your driver for both the outward and return trip.

    Where two or more people are included on the same booking, the person, purchasing the booking shall be deemed to be acting as an agent for both, or all members of the party and accepts these booking conditions on behalf of each member of the party.

    Amendments to bookings

    It is the responsibility of the customer that all the information on their booking confirmation is correct. We accept no responsibility for incorrect information given by a customer that results in either a flight being missed, or a driver failing to be at the arrival airport in question to pick-up up a customer.

    It is your responsibility to plan the journey correctly and leave sufficient time to reach the destination accordingly to your needs of term of check-in for flights, catching a train or any other constraints you might have. If you have any doubts on the length of the journey, we advice you to contact Ski Transfer Finder and, if necessary, amend the journey details.

    Any amendments must be confirmed in writing to info@ski-transfers.com and it is your responsibility to ensure that we have received it. Should you wish to change any information details e.g. flight number, flight timings, accommodation name or address, mobile number, arrival or departure dates, resort, passenger numbers, or vehicle size details, please do this by emailing info@ski-transfers.com.

    The Transfer Operator shall be notified on all amendments immediately.

    We cannot guarantee to make changes to any existing booking within 7 days of the date of travel. This includes changes to flight times, or required pick up times.

    Certain changes to your booking may result in a change in the cost of the transfer, or the requested transfer not being available. If you do not accept the additional cost, or the alternative transfer options that we can offer, then you will need to cancel your booking and will be governed by the standard terms for cancellations.

    Additional charges might be added to the initial booking price if any of the additional services below have been provided for you.

    The charges for additional services are defined by each transfer operator individually. It is of your responsibility to verify in advance the amount of these charges and the final price of the amended Booking.

    Additional charges may include the following:

    • Waiting Time: time incurred when the driver is waiting for a passenger to embark after the required time of arrival.
    • Journey Waiting Time: Any additional time incurred during the journey as directed by the passenger (e.g. driver kept waiting at additional pick-ups).
    • Parking: Any car parking fees that may occur at the pick up or additional pick-ups.
    • Extra Mileage: For example if the final destination changes en route.
    • Vias: If any additional pick-ups/destinations/stops are added to the journey.
    • Extra luggage: any additional luggage not declared at the time of the booking that will require a different vehicle category might be charged extra by the provider.

    In situations where there is a supplement to be paid for a booking amendment, the requested changes will only be confirmed once the additional payment is received. At this point you will be issued with a new booking confirmation by email. The similar notification email will be sent to Transfer Operator on the registered e-mail address.

    We will only accept confirmation from the person who made the original booking.

    If Transfer Operator provides Customer the possibility of paying for the amendments in cash (directly to Driver), the relevant amount of 10% from the booking amendment's charge will be charged from Customer's bank card, provided at the moment of initial payment for transfer service.

    At this point Customer will be issued a new booking confirmation by email with special notice about outstanding part for a booking amendment to be paid directly to Driver. The similar notification email will be sent to Transfer Operator on the registered e-mail address.

    Cancellation and Refunds

    If you need to cancel your transfer you can only do this in writing by e-mail to info@ski-transfers.com. We strongly recommend that you obtain proof of posting or send emails with 'read receipt'.

    Please note that cancellation charges will apply and will be payable depending on when we receive your written notification.

    Cancellation deadline is 48 hours before the pick-up time of the service booked and the cancellation penalty amount depends on the total payable amount for the booking.

    If you cancel your booking before the cancellation deadline, 10% cancellation fee of confirmed transfer booking price will be applied and you will receive back in the rest of the amount of the transferred funds.

    Any refund for cancellations made within less than 48 hours after cancellation deadline, will be at our sole discretion.

    You cannot cancel your transfer booking after the pick-up time of the confirmed transfer service.

    In the event of a cancellation by the customer, they will receive an email confirming the cancellation.

    If a cash transfer booking is cancelled leading to a cancellation fee the amount will be deducted from your pre-paid deposit amount.

    If a transfer booking is made using a credit or debit card, Ski Transfer Finder will charge the cancellation fee on your credit or debit card.

    In case you cancel your booking with us, you will receive a refund using the same payment method that you used to pay your booking.

    The refund can be made only to the same credit card, used for the payment.

    Conditions of carriage

    The nominated Transfer Operator, its drivers and appointed agents, reserve the right to refuse to carry any person who is, or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and/or whose behaviour is considered to pose a threat to the driver, the vehicle or the other passengers. No refunds will be made in those circumstances.

    Customers who soil the interior of a vehicle due to excess alcohol consumption, or drugs, are liable to an on the spot fine of 200 euros. This fine is payable immediately to the driver.

    Any damage caused to a vehicle by a customer must be paid for immediately. If payment cannot, or will not, be made then nominated Transfer Operator will be forced to take legal action against the customer(s) in question.

    Smoking is not permitted in the vehicles.

    All vehicles provided by the suppliers are fully insured for passenger and third party claims, as required by the local law.

    Whilst, all reasonable efforts are be made by the Transfer Operator, there is no guarantee that the vehicle will arrive on time in order to begin the period of transfer service, nor that it will reach its destination on time. Ski Transfer Finder will not incur any liability in the event of such a delay.

    It is the responsibility of the customer to provide a contact mobile telephone number at the time of booking and that this number is switched on and working at the time of travel. Ski Transfer Finder cannot be held responsible for any issues that occur in the delivery of the transfer service as result of the customer failing to do so.

    If the arrival flight is diverted, we request that you contact your Transfer Operator. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate changes of this nature, it remains the responsibility of the airline to transport you to the original arrival airport. Ski Transfer Finder cannot guarantee to be able to provide the booked service in this situation.

    We request that you keep your Transfer Operator informed by telephone of any delays in collecting luggage, or of lost luggage, which may cause a delay to your booked transfer. A customer failing to notify of a delay, may miss their transfer as it will be assumed that they did not travel. It is the responsibility of the airline, not Ski Transfer Finder, to deliver any lost luggage to the customer.

    If you do not wish to wait for a vehicle to become available for you, as a result in any delay in your flight arrival or luggage collection and you decide to make your own alternative travel arrangements, Ski Transfer Finder will not refund the money paid for your original transfer or contribute towards any alternative travel costs you incur.

    In the case that a customer is unable to take their transfer as a result of delayed, cancelled or missed flights and the customer incurs additional costs arranging alternative travel arrangements because of this, Ski Transfer Finder will not be held responsible for any of these additional costs nor will we provide any refund for the originally booked service.

    We will accept no liability for any difficulty, or service failure, if customers are not in possession of Booking Confirmation documentation provided by Ski Transfer Finder upon completion of the booking, which outlines our arrival and departure procedures. We will not agree to any refund or compensation claims resulting from any service failure if passengers do not adhere to the procedures stated above.

    Force Majeure Event

    Our nominated Transfer Operator will endeavour to carry all passenger(s) with the minimum discomfort and inconvenience to his/her specified destination. However circumstances beyond our control may prevent the achievement of this. The following are examples of circumstances, which are not within our reasonable control ("Force Majeure Event"):

    • accidents causing delays to the vehicle
    • exceptional or severe weather conditions
    • compliance with requests of the police
    • deaths and accidents on the road
    • vandalism and terrorism
    • unforeseen traffic delays
    • industrial action by third parties
    • problems caused by other customers
    • other circumstances affecting passenger safety
    • road closures due to local fiestas or other events
    • properties that are not accessible to type of service booked
    • acts of God, flood, earthquake, avalanche or any other natural disaster
    • epidemic or pandemic
    • war, threat of war or similar
    • fire or explosion
    • terrorist attack or riots.

    We shall not be in breach of these terms and conditions, nor liable for any failure or delay in the performance of any of our obligations under these terms and conditions arising from a Force Majeure Event.

    Travel Insurance

    We consider travel insurance to be essential and strongly advise you to arrange for appropriate travel insurance to cover you for a comprehensive range of events including cancellation, baggage loss, accidents and health issues whilst you are away. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance cover you purchase is suitable and adequate for your particular needs. We strongly advise you to read the travel insurance policy.

    Child Seats

    The EU directive 2003/20/EC states that children ought to use an appropriate child seat until they reach 12 years of age or until they reach a height of 135 cm. Transfer Operators can provide appropriate child seats, as long as they are specified at the time of booking. For children up to 19KG we suggest you request a 'Baby Seat' and for children over 19KG select a 'Child Seat'.

    Ski Transfer Finder is not able to guarantee requested child seats in all vehicles of Transfer Operator's.

    On certain transfer types (Coach) where vehicles over 8 passenger seats are used, it may not be possible for Transfer Operator to provide child seats. Please be aware that where this is the case, it is not a legal requirement to use such a seat.

    Child Pricing

    All children and infants count towards the occupancy of the vehicle, regardless of age and thus should be included in the total number of passengers at the time of booking.


    We are not able to guarantee the possibility to transport manual, folding wheelchairs in all vehicles of Transfer Operator's. Therefore we ask passengers to advise us on such special request at the time of booking. This is vital to ensure that the correct vehicle is available to meet your specific requirements.


    Ski Transfer Finder takes all customer service matters very seriously.

    Our aim is at all times to provide you with an excellent service. If you are unhappy with transfer service for any reason, please contact our Customer Services Team by writing to email info@ski-transfers.com.

    If you have a problem during your transfer service, you should inform Ski Transfer Finder, who will endeavour to put things right. Please follow this up within 14 days of your transfer date, by the lead passenger writing the Ski Transfer Finder, giving your booking references and all other relevant information.

    Please keep your letter concise and to the point. This will assist Ski Transfer Finder to actively identify your concerns and speed up the response to you. You must communicate any complaint to the Transfer Operator of the services in question without delay.

    We will aim to resolve your complaint within 30 days. If we are not able to do so, we will provide you with an acknowledgement. After we have had an opportunity to investigate your concerns, we will issue you with a final response.

    When assessing a complaint, Ski Transfer Finder staff will consider information such as the Customer's report, our internal records, these Booking Conditions, Service Level Guidelines regulations, the Transport Operator's reply and any other sources, which may help us to determine the cause of the complaint or establish its veracity.

    If Ski Transfer Finder assessment shows that the Transport Operator has failed to fulfill its obligations according to Service Level Guidelines and these Booking Conditions, we shall act in good faith to determine an appropriate remedy that adequately addresses the Customer's concerns.