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    FAQ for Transfer Operators

    What is STF?
    How does Ski Transfer Finder help transfer operators?
    What’s in it for me as a fleet owner/controller?
    Am I eligible to join?
    How can we start working together?
    Who is STF website for? Is the website only for airport taxi companies?
    What types of ski transfers are offered for customers on STF?
    How do I know that the requests are real?
    What are my commitments when I register on the page “Register Your Fleet” on Ski Transfer Finder?
    How will I know if I received a new request?
    Am I guaranteed to request for quotations?
    I made a mistake and quoted the wrong price to the customer, what should I do?
    Do I have guarantees that the requests will become bookings?
    Who are my competitors?
    Are all the companies who work with you registered?
    How many companies can reply to the requests?
    Do I need a computer to use Ski Transfer Finder services?
    Why should I sign a Partnership Agreement with you and not with another company?
    How can I add or complete my company profile on your searching platform?
    How to remove my company from your directory when I am not a member?
    How to remove my details from your mailing list?
    Why do you send emails from your integrated private message system and not from my own mailbox?
    Do I have the obligation to quote every request?
    Can I receive payment from the customer in cash?
    How will I know if the trip has already been sold? Will I see who sold the trip?
    What should I do if I have changes in my fleet?
    What should I do if I have changes in my contact information?