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Ski Resort Airport Transfers

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    FAQs for Customers

    1. Introduction
      • What is STF?
      • Which companies are providing the quotes?
      • How safe are the Fleets working with STF?
      • Where can I use STF?
    2. User Account
      • How can I change my password?
    3. Before Booking
      • How can I book?
      • How much notice do I need to give in order to book?
      • How much do I pay for a booking via STF?
      • Are there any extra charges on top of the published prices?
        Are these included in the price that you receive from the quote generator?

      • Which credit and debit cards do you take?
      • How long does it take to get a quote?
      • Why do I need to register for an account? What info does STF need?
      • Do you take pets?
      • How do I know whether my child needs a child or baby seat?
      • Can I book a vehicle with a child seat through STF?
      • Why do I need to provide a flight number for an airport pickup?
      • Why might I see different prices for the same journey from the same company at different times?
      • What if I want to be picked up from a different location from where I was dropped off?
      • Are all transfers door to door?
      • Should I have travel insurance for my trip?
      • We need our transfer to go to more than one location - is that possible?
      • Will we have to share transfer with other people?
    4. After Booking
      • How do I know when my car arrives?
      • How will I know if my car is running late?
      • What do I do if I can’t find the Transfer Operator representative at the airport?
      • Who do I call if there is an issue with my booking?
      • Can I amend or cancel a transfer I have made?
      • Cancellation Fees
      • Payment of Cancellation Fees
    5. During Transfer
      • What are extras=additional charges?
    6. After Transfer
      • Should I tip the driver?
      • How do I get a receipt for my journey?
      • Can I provide feedback on my transfers?
      • What happens if I want to complain about a transfer?