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    Airport Transfer to Antagnod, Monterosa

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    Airport Transfer to Antagnod, Monterosa

    Some Facts about Antagnod

    Antagnod is a village high on the Monte Rosa Massif, one of the highest peaks in the region. The ski resort is situated in the famous Monterosa Ski area, it straddles the mountains between Switzerland and Italy.  It is an excellent ski area and one that is popular with beginners and experts alike. The off-piste action is highly regarded. The region covers two countries – Switzerland and Italy – and is particularly highly regarded for its natural beauty. It is a less busy resort and is popular with those who like something a little bit exclusive. You will find many hotels, guest houses and chalets in the region, along with bars and restaurants.

    From which airport can I reach Antagnod, Monterosa Ski?

    The closest airport to Antagnod, Monterosa Ski is either Aosta or Turin - they both are roughly an hour away. Milan, Geneva, and Bern are also viable options. Geneva and Bern require travel trough Mont Blanc Tunnel or San Bernard Tunnel, which will increase your transfer cost. 

    Is there public transport to Antagnod, Monterosa Ski?

    There are public transport options available to take you to Antagnod but they are not the most practical. As there is no direct rail link, many changes may be needed. Airport transfers take you direct to the resort, saving time as a result. The following are the most viable public transport links:

    • Several bus and train changes will be necessary if going from Turin to Antagnod, Monterosa Ski and the journey takes about three and a half hours.
    • Several bus and train changes will be necessary if going from Milan to Antagnod, Monterosa Ski and the journey can take up to five hours.
    • There are bus from Geneva to Aosta, then the bus to Antagnod, Monterosa Ski, the journey takes about four hours.

    Advice on Transportation to Antagnod

    We strongly advise that you use airport transfers. By booking a transfer you will benefit from a direct journey to Antagnod. You also have the convenience and safety of a regular shuttle or transfer service. This is by far the quickest and most cost-effective way of getting from the airport to the resort, and also the most comfortable and safe. Transfers can be booked in advance to guarantee your journey.