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    Airport Transfer to Braies

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    Airport Transfer to Braies

    This page should explain all you need to know about airport transfers to Braies, an Italian Ski resort in the beautiful Dolomite Mountains in Northern Italy. The airports are listed in order of distance and transfer time. The closest airport to Braies is at the top. This should help you to find the right transfer option for your journey. We also try to offer additional help and advice for you on travel from your chosen airport to Braies. We have also included information on public transport options which can be found at the bottom of this page.

    Some facts about Braies

    Braies is an attractive ski resort in the Dolomites, not far from the city of Trento in Italy. The resort offers slopes for all levels of experience. There are many hotels in the region, and guest houses at a lower budget price. The region is picturesque and offers typical Alpine views. With some excellent bars and restaurants, Braies is a great place for après ski entertainment. It is a welcoming town that is popular with all types of visitors. The spectacular views are worth the journey alone, and the adjoining lake is one of the must-see sights in the region.

    From which airport can I reach Braies?

    The most convenient airport to reach Braies is Verona or Venice, both a one to two hour transfer to Braies. Munich, Innsbruck, Bergamo, Brescia, Treviso and Milan are also options for Braies but transfer time can be well over three hours during peak travel time such as Saturday and Sunday. Please note if you fly into Innsbruck or Munich airport you will have to travel via the Brenner Pass which might increase you transfer fees. It is strongly recommended that you use airport transfers to get to and from Braies. This is the most convenient and direct method of travelling to the resort. Another option is car hire, with facilities in place at all of the airports mentioned.

    Is there public transport to Braies?

    If you are travelling to Braies public transport is a viable option for travel to the resort. It is worth knowing that The Italian national railways has train links to several places. From Venezia Santa Lucia (main stops: Mestre, Treviso, Ponte nelle Alpi) and arrives to Calalzo-Pieve di Cadore or Padova with Calalzo - via Castelfranco, Belluno. There are bus connections between the Venice airport and Mestre railway station. ACTV n. 15 bus gets you to the station in 20 minutes, without stops. You can reach Braies via Austria and Bruneck train line. However, with changes journey times can be lengthy, and we recommend you consider airport transfers. The following public transport information may be of help:

    • Braies is served by the Dolomiti Bus company.
    • Bruneck is the closest railway station if you are travelling from Innsbruck or Munich
    • Venice S.Lucia - Belluno railway station, on-travel to ski resort by public bus
    • Verona - Belluno railway station, on-travel to ski resort by public bus

    Visit our transfer request page should you want to submit an airport transfer to Braies.

    Advice on Transportation to Braies

    Bear in mind that many changes will be needed if travelling by rail. We recommend that you book airport transfers to and from Braies. This convenient method of travel to and from the resort is also the most cost effective. You will take advantage of a regular shuttle and travel in comfort. It is by far the quickest method, and is a guaranteed journey.