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    Airport Transfer to Carezza

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    Airport Transfer to Carezza

    Some Facts about Carezza

    Carezza is one of the sunniest areas to ski in the area of South Tyrol as it enjoys an average of 8 hours of sun per day during winter. It is one of the most ideal resorts for family fun and also boasts a full evening entertainment program including night skiing and snow-tubing. There are many hotels and guest houses in the region and plenty of bars and restaurants for your evening entertainment.

    From which airport can I reach Carezza?

    The closest airport to Carezza is Innsbruck. Treviso, Verona and Venice are also viable options. Here are the distances between airports and Carezza:

    • Innsbruck - 144km
    • Treviso - 173km
    • Verona - 182km
    • Venice - 184km
    • Munich  - 302km

    Is there public transport to Carezza?

    Using public transport to reach Carezza is entirely possible, but you will need to make at least one change. This adds to the journey times. Below are some viable options to explore:

    • Travelling from Innsbruck take the train or bus to Bolzano station, then change to the bus to Carezza. The journey may take up to four hours.
    • If coming from Munich  take the train to Bolzano station, then bus to Carezza. It takes about five and a half hours to get from Muncih to Carezza.
    • From Verona Airport take the bus to Bolzano, then change to the bus to Carezza. The journey takes three and a  half hours.
    • From Treviso Airport take the shuttle bus to Vigo di Fassa, then change to the bus to bus to Carezza. The journey takes three and a  half hours.
    • If coming from Venice Airport take the shuttle bus to Vigo di Fassa, then change to the bus to bus to Carezza. The journey may take up to four hours.
    • There are buses from Bergamo city center as well as Airport  to Bolzano where you must change to the bus to Carezza. The journey may take up to six hours.
    • Traveling from other airports requires many changes and is time consuming.

    Advice on Transportation to Carezza

    As with many ski resorts the difficulty in getting to Carezza is with a lack of direct rail links. This means you have to make many changes, and the journey will be long. Airport transfers offer you a direct journey to the resort. You travel in comfort. The journey time will be the shortest possible. The convenience of airport transfers is clear and it is also the most cost effective method of travel.