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    Airport transfers to Courchevel 1850

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    Airport transfers to Courchevel 1850

    Some Facts about Courchevel 1850

    Courchevel is by far one of the most exclusive ski destinations in the world and when it comes to the elite of the elite, Courchevel 1850 is where you’ll find the lot. One of the most famous resorts in the Alps and notoriously expensive no matter what it is you plan to do while here, there’s no better place to see how the other half lives and perhaps spend a weekend pretending you’re a billionaire. 

    Located at the top of the mountain above 1550 and 1650, Courchevel 1850 has a reputation for taking exclusivity and enjoyment to all new heights. This is the type of place people head when money is no object and no price is too high to pay for the bets skiing in the world and round-the-clock five star services.

    From which airport can I reach  Courchevel 1850

    The closest major airport serving Courchevel 1850 is Chambery, which is located just over an hour away from the resort. As such, time it well with the weather and the traffic and you can easily get into and out of Courchevel for a weekend trip or even just an overnight stay. And of course, given the likelihood of paying a pretty premium price for the privilege, a night or two in town might be all you’ll need! For longer stays, over half a dozen airports are within easy reach and offer some very competitively priced scheduled flights.

    • Chambery - 109km
    • Geneva - 111km
    • Grenoble - 182km
    • Lyon - 185km
    • Turin - 249km

    Is there public transport to Courchevel?

    Without a direct rail link public transport options are limited. There are some bus services that can get you to the resort. However, with many changes necessary, journey times can be lengthy. Below are some of the possible public transport links you could use:

    • You could use the scheduled bus service from Chambery to Courchevel via Moûtiers. It may take up to three hours.
    • There are regular scheduled bus services from Geneva airport to Courchevel via Moûtiers. It takes about three hours to get from  Geneva to Courchevel.
    • Also, regular scheduled bus service from Lyon to Courchevel that takes about 3 hours.
    • There is also a scheduled bus service from Grenoble to Courchevel. It may take up to four hours.

    Advice on Transportation to Courchevel 1850

    It is technically possible to get to any of the Courchevel resorts by public bus, train or any combination of the two, but the idea doesn’t come highly recommended. In almost all instances, the journey will take you twice as long and cost you twice as much as it would have to book an organized airport transfer service that brings you right from the arrivals hall to your final destination.