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    Airport Transfer to Courchevel, 3 Valley

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    Airport Transfer to Courchevel, 3 Valley

    Some Facts about Courchevel

    Courchevel is one of the resorts that make up the massive Three Valley ski area in France. This is the largest linked ski area in the world. There are in fact four separate towns called Courchevel, each at different altitudes in the mountains. The ski lift system is highly praised and the ski area offers a choice of slopes to suit any experience level. There are also off-piste runs for more experience and adventurous skiers. Oddly for an Alpine resort Courchevel actually hosts an airport, but it is used by only very specialized pilots. Be aware also that the resort is known as one of the more expensive in France. Courchevel is a very popular resort, as is all of the Three Valleys area, so book ahead.

    From which airport can I reach Courchevel?

    The closest commercial airport to Courchevel is either Chambery or Geneva. Both Grenoble and Lyon are also viable options but transfer time can be over three hours during peak travel time. Transfer times to most resorts in the Trois Vallee domain are roughly the same. Please note if you fly into one of the Italian airports you will have to travel through the Mt Blanc tunnel to get to Courchevel as all the mountain roads and passes are closed during the winter. Here are the closest Airports and the distances to Courchevel:

    • Chambery - 109km
    • Geneva - 111km
    • Grenoble - 182km
    • Lyon - 185km

    Is there public transport to Courchevel?

    Without a direct rail link public transport options are limited. There are some bus services that can get you to the resort. However, with many changes necessary, journey times can be lengthy. Below are some of the possible public transport links you could use:

    • You could use the scheduled bus service from Chambery to Courchevel via Moûtiers. It may take up to three hours.
    • There are regular scheduled bus services from Geneva airport to Courchevel via Moûtiers. It takes about three hours to get from  Geneva to Courchevel.
    • Also, regular scheduled bus service from Lyon to Courchevel that takes about 3 hours.
    • There is also a scheduled bus service from Grenoble to Courchevel. It may take up to four hours.

    Advice on Transportation to Courchevel

    While many people do use the above public transport links they are time consuming. You are much better off booking an airport transfer from the airport where you land. You will benefit from a shorter journey time and a direct route. You also get the added bonus of travelling in comfort, and of a guaranteed journey that is pre-booked. Airport transfers are also the most cost-effective method of getting to Courchevel.