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    Airport Transfer to Disentis Sedrun

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    Airport Transfer to Disentis Sedrun

    This page should help you find you airport transfer options to Disentis Sedrun, the Swiss ski resort close to the border with Lichtenstein, Germany and Austria. It is one of the most beautiful of the Alpine resorts. We will also try to offer additional help and advice for you on travel to the resort from your arrival airport to Disentis Sedrun. We have listed all available airport transfers in order of distance and time from the resort. The nearest is listed first. This should help you find the one that suits you best. We have also included alternative travel information to and from Disentis Sedrun. Public transport options are included near the foot of the page.

    Some Facts about Disentis Sedrun

    Disentis Sedrun is one of the prettiest of all Swiss ski resorts and is in the Arlberg region close to many other resorts. The area is one of great natural beauty and offers typical Swiss mountain scenes. The town is notable for being the source of the Rhine, and for a spectacular Benedictine monastery that is popular with visitors. It is a small town by any standards, but features a number of good restaurants, lively bars, and a choice of hotels and guest houses. Skiing is available for all levels of experience, and the off-piste runs are highly regarded.

    From which airport can I reach Disentis Sedrun?

    The closest airport to Disentis Sedrun is either Zurich, Basel or Friedrichshafen. Both Berne and Stuttgart are also viable options, although transfer times can be 2 - 3 hours. Please note that Disentis Sedrun has a train station and can be reached by rail. However rail travel times can be long depending on the arrival airport with multiple changes of trains. The most convenient airport for public transport to Disentis Sedrun is Zurich. Friedrichshafen offers very low cost airport transfer options. Airport transfers are the best option as they are direct and guaranteed. You may also wish to consider hiring a car, as there are facilities at all of the above airports.

    Is there public transport to Disentis Sedrun?

    Disentis Sedrun is unusual for an alpine resort in that it has direct rail links. This makes it more convenient to take the train, but there are changes required from all the regular airports. Airport transfer services may be a more convenient method of travel. If you do want to use the train, the information below may be of help:

    • Train from Zurich city centre to Chur, with RhB to Disentis Sedrun
    • Train from Basel to Chur, with RhB to Disentis Sedrun
    • Train from Zurich airport to Chur, with RhB to Disentis Sedrun
    • Train from Zurich airport to Chur, with Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB) via Andermatt

    Visit our transfer request page should you want to submit an airport transfer to Disentis Sedrun.

    Advice on Transportation to Disentis Sedrun

    Disentis Sedrun benefits greatly from the presence of a railway station in the town, but the need for changes makes journey times lengthy. Airport transfers are a convenient way to get to and from the resort. You can book them in advance and they are cost effective and comfortable. The convenience of an airport transfer cannot be overstated. You are buying the benefit of a direct journey and no changes.