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    Airport transfers to Donnersbachwald

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    Airport transfers to Donnersbachwald

    This page will tell you all you need to know about transfers to Donnersbachwald a ski resort in Austrian Alps with 20km of Piste and altitudes ranging from 980m to 1980mabove sea level. This resort has direct access to 20km of downhill skiing, with 23 individual pistes, served by 3 ski lifts.

    We have listed the airports in order of distance from the resort, with the nearest at the top. This should give you the best idea of the airport transfer you need. We have also taken a look at alternative transport methods to and from the resort. Public transport options, if available, are given towards the end of the page. 

    Some Facts about Donnersbachwald

    Donnersbachwald is a municipality in the district of Liezen in Styria, Austria. Bezirk Liezen is by far the largest district in Austria, about three times the size of other large districts, and is divided into two "subdistricts": Bereich Liezen, and Expositur Gröbming. During early Roman times, Styria was inhabited by Celtic tribes. After its conquest by the Romans, the eastern part of what is now Styria was part of Pannonia, while the western one was included in Noricum. During the Barbarian invasions, it was conquered or crossed by the Visigoths, the Huns, the Ostrogoths, the Rugii, the Lombards, the Franks and the Avars. In 595 the latter were defeated by the Slavs, who thenceforth ruled it. Donnersbachwald offers good sking, particularly, for Beginner skiers.

    From which airport can I reach Donnersbachwald

    There are three Airports within two hours drive, so ski weekends, snowboard breaks and short ski holidays to Donnersbachwald are perfectly feasible.

    The following airports link this resort to other parts of the world:

    • Linz -138 km
    • Salzburg -142 km
    • Graz -162 km
    • Klagenfurt -180 km
    • Munich -313 km

    Is there public transport to Donnersbachwald

    There are buses which ply to the resort from the airport listed above. Train options to this resort are also available with trains running from Graz airport Tue-Fri · twice per day and the travel time is 3 hours and 34 minutes. From Linz airport too trains run Tue-Fri · twice per day and the journey time is 4 hours and 28 minutes. Trains from other airports may take a longer time to reach the resort.

    Advice on Transportation to Donnersbachwald

    While many people do use the public transport listed above they can sometimes be time consuming like some train journeys from airports not listed above may take up a long time to reach the resort. You are much better off booking an airport transfer from the airport where you land especially if you are travelling as a group. You will benefit from a shorter journey time and a direct route. You also get the added bonus of travelling in comfort, and of a guaranteed journey that is pre-booked. Airport transfers are also the most cost-effective method of getting to this beautiful ski resort.