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    Airport transfers to Elm

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    Airport transfers to Elm

    Some Facts about Elm

    Elm is a former municipality in the canton of Glarus in Switzerland. Starting in 1905, the Sernftal tramway has connected Elm to Schwanden and its railway station. The ski resort on the Schitzer opened in 1973, and the Pleus was opened for skiing in 1982. Part of the geologic UNESCO world heritage site, Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona is a mountain cliff called Tschingelhörner located between Elm and Flims. 

    Elm ski resort has 35km of piste  and altitudes ranging from 1000m to 2100m above sea level with 12 individual pistes, served by 7 ski lifts. With skiing above 2000 metres, snow cover is generally reliable. Elm offers good skiing, particularly, for intermediate and beginner skiers.

    From which airport can I reach Elm?

    There are airports within two hours drive, so short ski and snowboard breaks at Elm are perfect. The following airports link this resort to other parts of the world:

    • Zurich - 96  km
    • Basel - 174 km
    • Memmingen - 207 km 
    • Berne - 226 km
    • Innsbruck - 252 km

    Is there public transport to Elm?

    There are buses which ply to the resort from the airport listed above. Train options to this resort are also available. Here are some public transport options:

    • Take the train form Zurich City center to Schwanden then change to the bus. It takes about three hours to get to Elm.
    • Take the train from Basel City centre to Schwanden via Zurich then change to the bus.The journey takes about for hours.
    • Take a shuttle bus to Zurich Airport, then change to the train to Schwanden via Zurich City center, then change to the bus. It may take up to four and a half hours to get to Elm by public transport.

    Going by public transport from other airports may take a longer time to reach the resort.

    Advice on Transportation to Elm

    While many people do use the public transport listed above they can sometimes be time consuming like some train journeys from airports not listed above may take up a long time to reach the resort. You are much better off booking an airport transfer from the airport where you land especially if you are travelling as a group. You will benefit from a shorter journey time and a direct route. You also get the added bonus of travelling in comfort, and of a guaranteed journey that is pre-booked. Airport transfers are also the most cost-effective method of getting to this beautiful ski resort.