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    Airport Transfers to Haute-Nendaz

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    Airport Transfers to Haute-Nendaz

    This page will tell you about airport transfers to Haute-Nendaz, the popular ski resort in the famous Four Valley ski area in Switzerland. We have listed the airports in order of distance and time from the resort. The nearest to Haute-Nendaz is listed first. This should help you to find the most appropriate airport transfer. We have also taken a look at other methods of transport in the region. There is help and advice on public transport options near to the end of the page.

    Some Facts about Haute-Nendaz

    Haute-Nendaz is a popular resort in the Swiss Alps, and is part of the popular Four Valleys ski area. This is one of the biggest ski areas in the world and combines several neighbouring resorts. The slopes cater for all levels of experience and there is plentiful off-piste skiing available. Haute-Nendaz is a small town with a car-free centre, and there are hotels and guest houses in the town and immediate area. There are bars to be found in the many villages in the Four Valleys resort.

    From which airport can I reach Haute-Nendaz?

    The most convenient airports to reach Haute-Nendaz are Geneva, Berne or Sion, each of which is a one to two hour transfer to Haute-Nendaz. Basel and Zurich are also options for Haute-Nendaz but transfer time can be well over two hours during peak travel time. Transfers from Milan airports are also possible, but the transfer route leads through Simplon Tunnel with extra charges. Transfer from Turin also attracts higher charges as the transfer route goes through the Mont Blanc Tunnel. We recommend airport transfers as the most convenient and cost effective method of getting to the resort. You may also wish to consider car hire, with facilities available at all the airports mentioned.

    Is there public transport to Haute-Nendaz?

    There are many public transport options for getting to Haute-Nendaz. The problem is that there is no direct rail link. This means that multiple changes may be needed, and journey times might be longer than normal. Airport transfers are by far the best way to get to and from the resort. If you are looking at using public transport to get to Haute-Nendaz, the following are the most popular routes:

    • By train from Geneva airport: take the train to Sion. Possible change required in Lausanne.
    • Sion is connected to Haute-Nendaz by a short bus/taxi ride.
    • Trains from Berne, Basel, and Zurich are also options but you will have to change in
    • Lausanne and take the Sion line from there.
    • Trains from Milan via Simplon Tunnel to Sion.
    • Scheduled and shuttle bus services operate from Geneva airport.
    • Sion airport operates an airport bus to Haute-Nendaz.

    Visit our transfer request page should you want to submit an airport transfer to Haute-Nendaz.

    Advice on Transportation to Haute-Nendaz

    As with most Alpine resorts the difficulty in getting to Haute-Nendaz is with a lack of direct rail links. This means you have to make many changes, and the journey will be long. Airport transfers offer you a direct journey to the resort. You travel in comfort in a scheduled shuttle. The journey time will be the shortest possible. The convenience of airport transfers is clear. It is also the most cost effective method of travel.