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    Airport Transfer to La Tsoumaz

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    Airport Transfer to La Tsoumaz

    This page should help you find you airport transfer options to La Tsoumaz (near Verbier). We also try to offer additional help and advice for your on travel from your chosen airport to La Tsoumaz. Public transport suggestions can be found at the bottom of this page. We also have added links and maps where available.

    From which airport can I reach La Tsoumaz?

    The most convenient airport to reach La Tsoumaz is Geneva, Berne or Sion, which is a one to two hour transfer to La Tsoumaz. Below all possible La Tsoumaz airport transfer options:

    from Sion airport to La Tsoumaz transfers

    from Zurich airport to La Tsoumaz transfers

    from Basle airport to La Tsoumaz transfers

    from Geneva airport to La Tsoumaz Transfers

    from Berne airport to La Tsoumaz Transfers

    from Turin airport to La Tsoumaz Transfers

    The closest airport to La Tsoumaz are Sion and Geneva. Turin, Basel and Zurich are also options for La Tsoumaz but transfer time can be well over two hours during peak travel time. Transfer from Turin might attract higher charges as the transfer route goes through the Mont Blanc Tunnel. Transfers from Milan airports are lso possible, but again route leads through Simplon tunnel with extra charges.

    Is there public transport to La Tsoumaz?

    Below some viable options to explore:

    • By train from Geneva airport take the Simplon line to Martigny. Then take the Martigny-Le Châble line. Le Châble is connected to La Tsoumaz by a short bus/taxi ride.
    • Trains from Berne, Basel, Zurich are also options but you will have to change in Lausanne and take the Simplon line from there.
    • Scheduled and schuttle bus services operate from Geneva airport.
    • Sion airport operates a airport bus to La Tsoumaz.

    Visit our transfer request page should you want to submit an airport transfer to La Tsoumaz.