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    Airport Transfer to Laax

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    Airport Transfer to Laax

    This page should explain all you need to know about airport transfers to Laax. Lax is a popular ski resort in the Swiss Alps. The airports are listed in order of distance and transfer time. The closest airport to Laax is at the top. This should help you to find the right transfer option for your journey. We also try to offer additional help and advice for you on travel from your chosen airport to Laax. We have also included information on public transport options which can be found at the bottom of this page.

    Some Facts about Laax

    Laax is a popular ski resort in the Swiss Alps. It is part of the Weisse Arena Gruppe resort along with nearby Flims and Falera. The slopes can cater for all levels of experience and are also popular with snowboarders. In the summer months Laax is popular with mountain bikers and hikers. The village itself is small and quaint. There are shops, a post office, and a swimming pool. There is a choice of hotels, guest houses and chalets to rent in the region. This is an area that is very beautiful with fine Alpine views.

    From which airport can I reach Laax?

    The closest airport to Laax is either Zurich, Berne, Basel or Friedrichshafen. Both Milan and Stuttgart are also viable options. Please note that Laax has no train station and can't be reached by rail. The most convenient airports for public transport to Laax are Zurich, Bern and Basel-Mulhouse. Friedrichshafen offers very low cost airport transfer options. The easiest way to get to Laax is to fly to Zurich or Friedrichshafen and take the Airport Shuttle Service. Airport transfers make a great deal of sense as they are the most cost effective method. You may also consider hiring a car and facilities are available at all airports. The travel times from

    Is there public transport to Laax?

    Public transport options are limited thanks to the lack of a rail link to Laax. If you are thinking of using public transport bear in mind that changes will be necessary at some point. The following are some of the more viable options:

    • Take the train from Friedrichshafen city centre (15 min from airport) to Chur, public bus to Laax
    • Take a train from Zurich airport to Chur, then the public bus to Laax, a journey of over two hours
    • Take a train from Stuttgart airport to Chur - possible multiple changes required
    • Take a train from Berne city centre (15 min from airport) to Chur - possible multiple changes required

    Visit our transferequest page should you want to submit an airport transfer to Laax.

    Advice on transportation to Laax

    Although there are airports relatively close to Laax, journey times to the resort can be long. We recommend that you book airport transfers. This convenient method of travel to and from the resort is also the most cost effective. You will take advantage of a regular shuttle and travel in comfort. It is by far the quickest method, and is a guaranteed journey. With no rail links to the resort public transport is a limited option.