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    Airport Transfer to Madesimo, Alta Valtellina

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    Airport Transfer to Madesimo, Alta Valtellina

    This page will tell you all about airport transfers to the Madesimo, a popular ski resort in the Alta Valtellina ski area. Situated in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, it is on the Swiss border. We have listed all the airports in order of distance and time from the resort. The nearest we have listed at the top. This should help you to find the best airport transfer for your journey. We have also taken a look at alternative travel methods in the region, and have included help and advice about using public transport to get to Madesimo.

    Some Facts about Madesimo

    Madesimo is a ski resort in the Alta Valtellina resort in northern Italy. It is very close to the border with Switzerland. There is excellent skiing in the region, with slopes catering for all levels of experience. The small town is nevertheless a lively one and has a number of hotels and guest houses. There are bars and restaurants in and around the region, and the après ski scene is lively. The scenery is picturesque and typical of the Alpine location. Madesimo is a popular resort yet is less busy than some of the better known ski resorts, and caters equally for families or groups. It is also popular in the summer season for hikers and mountaineers.

    From which airport can I reach Madesimo?

    The closest airport to Madesimo is either Milan or Bergamo. Both Brescia and Innsbruck are also viable options, but transfer times are longer. Please note that Madesimo has no train station, but you can take a train to Sondrio or Tirano and a bus from there to Madesimo. The need for changes makes for longer journey times. We strongly recommend that you use airport transfers to get to Madesimo, and you may also wish to consider hiring a car. There are hire facilities available at all the listed airports.

    Is there public transport to Madesimo?

    The public transport options all involve changes as there are no direct trains to Madesimo. This means longer than usual journey times. Journeys to and from the resort from the airports are also limited. We would recommend that you use airport transfers, or hire a car, for the convenience. If you do choose to use public transport the following routes are the two main viable options:

    • Take the train from Milan to Tirano, then the public bus to Madesimo
    • Take a train from Bergamo to Milan, change for Tirano, then travel to Madesimo as above
      Visit our transfer request page should you want to submit an airport transfer to Madesimo .

    Advice on Transportation to Madesimo

    Without the availability of a direct rail link getting to and from Madesimo by public transport is tiresome and takes time. We recommend airport transfers as the best way. From any airport you can book a transfer, and the time taken will depend on where you start. Benefits include a direct journey and therefore a shorter journey time. You also get a guaranteed scheduled ride in comfort and they are the most cost-effective method of travelling to and from Madesimo.