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Fabulous Ax Les Thermes restaurants – a great addition to your ski holidays!

The beautiful spa village Ax Les Thermes is a popular tourist destination, and it has been like that for quite some time now! Alongside nearly 60 hot springs in the city, it’s also a great destination for vivid skiing in the snow covered mountains! Though the bustle does not just stop when you’re not on the mountain anymore does it? For that reason, to uncover the dining pearls under all that skiing, we’ll present some favourites of the Ax Les

The highest winter sports area in the Alps surrounded by exclusive Matterhorn restaurants!

Matterhorn, also known as Cervino in Italian, is a 4,478 meters high mountain, which separates Switzerland from Italy. Matterhorn is known to be the birthplace of climbing and is famous for being the world’s most iconic mountain! Everyone who visit it, seem to designate a special place on the memory shelf for this perfectly pyramid-shaped image. Is there any wonder it’s the most photographed mountain ever? Matterhorn is not only a perfect gateway to world’s most leading pistes offering 360

Zermatt Holidays – true gold for those visiting the Swiss Alps

It’s not just about the highest mountain ski resort in Europe anymore when it comes to Zermatt Holidays! Indeed everyone should visit this car-free resort at least once, because this mountain treasure offers plenty of great quality Zermatt restaurants and nightlife. Of course in the middle of everything you’ll see The Matterhorn – natural mountain boundary separating Switzerland from Italy. In the following paragraphs we’ll list the best places to go if you’re after some memorable adventures from Zermatt restaurants

How To Make Your Ski Break A Dream Holiday In Meribel

What does it take to transform the average short ski break in Meribel into a genuine dream holiday of a lifetime? Of course there’s really no such thing as a trip to Meribel that isn’t a dream come true, but say you wanted to kick things up a gear and really take things to another level…how would you go about it? Unsurprisingly, Meribel is the kind of place that’s littered with extraordinary opportunities for pure pleasure seekers of the highest

3 Tips for Luxury Travel in Courchevel

Itching for a snowy escape to one of the most beautiful places in the world? Courchevel is an alpine paradise that boasts high altitude, 230 snow cannons, and guaranteed good snow throughout the season as explained by Condé Nast Traveller. The destination is perfect for travellers that love winter and enjoy the good things in life. For you to fully enjoy your luxury ski trip, here are a few things to keep in mind: Do your research on the various

Why Not to Take Chances with Unauthorised Resort Transfers

Geneva Airport has sadly not proved immune to the growing global problem of unauthorised taxi drivers, transfer operators and general touts operating outside arrivals and looking to pick up the business of travellers. Returning after an admittedly peak-season Christmas trip to Megeve many travellers can say without hesitation that they have never in all their travels to the French Alps seen so many resort transfer services never heard of before and frankly always run a mile from. However it cannot

Battling Boredom on the Buses

While it would probably be fair to say that a good 99% of a trip to the French Alps is about as exciting as it gets, there’s a rather niggling 1% that most wish they could do without – that being the resort transfer. Not that they’re not entirely more pleasant than they used to be, but by the time a family has arrived on the tarmac after commuting to the airport back home and taking the flight over the

Five Fast Track Routes To Ski Powder This Easter

When you’ve only got a limited amount of time to play with, the speed at which you can get from where you are right now to where you want to be on the slopes counts for a lot. Take your time, choose the scenic route or plan badly and you could waste days on travelling alone. By contrast, take a tip or two from the pros and you could find yourself hurtling down the runs the very same day you